JD WOMEN | March 8, 2022


Taking a moment to celebrate IWD22, tap in with the amazing dameeeela, Francesca Nwokeocha, Hunter Blue, Sela Vai and Debbie Gallulo who speak on embracing everyday empowerment

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Yuggera woman dameeeela, capturing the essence of legacy, she is a game changing artist, a multifaced DJ & Artist whose power is unmatched. 

Encounter Francesca Nwokeocha who is connecting Australia to the world through @614mag. An inspiring and powerful force, she creating a diverse platform for inclusivity & change.

Encounter forward thinking stylist Hunter Blue. Her unique approach to the creative space exhilarates and energizes and her power knows no bounds.

Encounter Sela Vai, she is the embodiment of powerful. Founder of @__humxn her pride and passion for movement is creating immense impact in the community.

Pushing the limit through her work and passions JD Creative and photography leas, Debbie Gallulo’s talent is both electrifying and influential. 

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