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October is JD Women’s Month, and to celebrate we are hosting a series of events with Nike, Asics, adidas, and Puma in a pop-up space behind our Pitt Street flagship store. We’ll be highlighting your favourite female-focused JD sneaker drops with creative workshops and performances by some of the best local talent.

Sydney sneakerhead Latifa Tee will be hosting JD Women’s Month, giving you an exclusive first look at the program and activities happening each week. At only 21-years old, Latifa Tee is balancing a busy schedule between attending university, DJing, and hosting a show on FBi Radio every week, but we managed to get a chat in with her before the big launch below:


Who are you?

I’m Latifa Tee, a 21-year-old DJ, recording artist, radio host, and sneakerhead from Sydney.

What do you do professionally?

I do a few things:

What are your career aspirations?

My main aspiration is to grow my career as a DJ and R&B artist to the point where music takes me around the world on tour, playing to audiences internationally. I’ve been performing since I was 3-years-old, and naturally, it feels like I was born to be on stage – it’s where I’m truly happiest and at home.

The past year has also taught me to keep an open mind, so beyond performing, there are so many other dreams I have across radio, events, streetwear, and music. It would be sick to have my own music festival one day dedicated to showcasing women in urban music, and I’d also love to work on my own shoe collab. My dreams are kinda all over the place but that’s how I like it.


Latifa Wears the Nike Womens Air Force 1 Shadow, Launching 3.10 at JD

What piece of advice would you like to share with any young women looking to kick start their dream career?

Don’t limit yourself to pursuing one professional route or shrink your goals because you think they’re too big. It’s absolutely possible to succeed across different fields, and women are often told to pick a lane and stick to it. I couldn’t disagree more – the whole ‘quality over quantity’ saying is a lie! You can absolutely find quality in quantity. So be a DJ, producer, graphic designer AND a stockbroker, if you want to be. There’s nothing stopping you. Just do it!

Another tip is to collaborate with other women. If you admire a female creative, start a conversation and ask questions. I’m so grateful for the incredible network of female creatives around me, and the love between us is real. We stick up for each other, give each other advice, and we work together. The key to pursuing your dreams is to connect and collaborate with women who have similar dreams to you.

Are there any women you aspired to be like when you were growing up?

Aaliyah is my forever inspiration. Her music is so smooth and soulful, her style was the perfect fusion of sexy and tomboy, and she was always so humble. She is everything I want to be as a woman and as an artist. The true princess of R&B.


Who are some of your friends doing cool things in the local scene?

So many kickass friends doing kickass things!

I could honestly go on forever about my friends. There are so many I haven’t even mentioned haha, but we’re really out here, making our own opportunities and supporting local creativity.

What is your favourite silhouette of all time?

The Air Jordan 1. The silhouette comes in so many different colourways and they go perfectly with any outfit, whether it’s a cute pair of jeans or a dress. They’re timeless.

What is your favourite collab?

The Commes des Garçons collab with Nike Shox. Hands down. They’re extra af.

What would you like to see happening more in the local space for female sneakerheads like yourself?

Locally, I’d love for there to be more events that celebrate female sneakerheads and allow us to come together to get nerdy over sneakers. That’s why I’m so excited for JD Women’s Month. This space represents a genuine acknowledgment that women are thriving in streetwear and that we love our sneakers!

I’d also love to see big brands collaborating more with female sneakerheads–women like Aleali May are really taking the lead on this, and I truly believe there’s a cultural change coming in streetwear, with women at the forefront of innovating sneaker culture. I cannot wait!


Latifa Wears the Nike Womens Air Force 1 Shadow, Launching 3.10 at JD

? Photo Credit: @everylastsecond

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