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Cell Crews: Filter

The PUMA Cell is the uniform of the abstract–not simply because of its bold design–but because of the people who wear it. These are the trailblazers, the collaborators, who ultimately push creativity forward. And while they each walk their own path, their crew always rides together.

Filter is a publication founded by friends Christopher Kevin Au (music journalist, MTV reporter, manager of Triple One) and Chris Loutfy (photographer, casting agent, artist manager, curator of Goodspace Gallery). Collectively, the pair are deeply invested in the Australian creative scene, so it was only natural that they would join forces to document it. At it’s core, Filter stands for the ongoing support of independent and emerging talents, creating online communities that translate to real life, and giving a true depiction of Australia’s creative communities.
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Christopher Kevin Au and Chris Loutfy wear the PUMA Cell Endura                    Jessica, Nes, Carolina, and Kymie wear the PUMA Cell Venom

Why did you start Filter?

Having worked in the hip-hop, club and art scenes for years, we noticed that there was a glaring lack of media coverage for creatives in Australia, especially with regards to independent and emerging talents who were being shunned by bigger media outlets. Through Filter, we created a home for outsider talents and their stories, which we believe should be broadcast to everybody.

What do you want to do differently to other publications?

First and foremost, we want to tell stories, whether that be through long-form content, photography or video. We produce the vast majority of our content in- house. We don’t engage in clickbait or unnecessary negativity. More than a website, we want Filter to become a support network for the artists who need it most. We are working with Australian talent at a grassroots level, before they take on the world.

How do you personally identify with the communities you profile in your content?

We have been a part of these communities for years. First hand, we have seen how difficult it can be to get media attention in what can be a cliquey and somewhat closed-off landscape. We have seen many of our friends succeed greatly without the help of Australian media – but what if there was somebody to help tell their story in those early stages? How would things be different? It’s these questions which have fuelled our desire to start Filter and ensure that creatives get the shine that they deserve.

Who are the people you profiled in this shoot and what do they do?

We picked some of our favourite people from the music scene for this shoot. Nes is a longtime friend of both of us, she is one of Sydney’s best R&B selectors and also used to play System of a Down in her sets, which is a huge plus. Carolina Gasolina is also a DJ, a regular on FBi Radio and she works on some large hip-hop/electronic tours through her role at BBE. We met Kymie through Bodega Collective, she’s one of our favourite emerging voices from Western Sydney; and likewise with Jessica Jade, who’s got more than a few R&B heaters under her belt.

How do they showcase the Filter values?

All four of the participants in this shoot are huge supporters of local music; we’ve met most them at club nights, gigs, parties and raves, just some of the places where our most important relationships are formed! More than that, they’re creatives that we respect because they’ve carved out their own lanes and play by their own rules.


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                                      @carolina_gasolina                                                                                                                 @jessicajadeofficial



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Photography by Chris Loutfy and Sly Morikawa.

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