SNEAKERS | April 9, 2019

Cell Crews: Low Ton

The PUMA Cell is the uniform of the abstract–not simply because of its bold design–but because of the people who wear it. These are the trailblazers, the collaborators, who ultimately push creativity forward. And while they each walk their own path, their crew always rides together.

The beauty of DIY is that you have complete control on the look, feel, and purpose of a project. The rapid evolution of trends calls for adaptability, particularly for creatives. This applies to their business model, to their values, and to their process. Such is the case for Low Ton – a party run by DJs and good friends Cache One and SAL. Low Ton as a concept has experienced a few incarnations in the last few years. It started as a clothing label and party in Cache One’s hometown of Sydney, before moving down to SAL’s hometown in Melbourne. Today Low Ton is a party, but tomorrow – who knows? Only one thing is certain, and that is the community they are building, who are definitely coming along for the ride.


@c.frim, @cacheone,  @hvncoq, @sal__l, and @maiapookie wears the Puma Cell Venom and PUMA Cell Endura

What does Low Ton stand for?

Low Ton has always tried to give a platform to under-represented talent. Giving space to artists of colour, and to members of the LGBTQI+ community is something we’re proud of. First and foremost, Low Ton exists to connect like-minded people, and give them a place to shake their butts safely in peace.

What do you want to do differently to other parties?

We always aim to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds and party structures. No two Low Ton events are alike: we move venues, genres, and atmospheres constantly. For us, it’s mostly about trying new things, and legitimising artists who may not have connected with Melbourne’s popular party scene yet.

How do you personally identify with the communities you bring together at Low Ton events?

Melbourne is an exciting city with no shortage of creative people, so we throw parties to bring them together. You can be whatever you want to be at our events – just don’t be a jerk.

What do you look for in the artists you book on your line-ups?

Some of the time, the acts we book are already our friends, and other times they end up becoming our friends. We love artists who are authentic, and have a rebellious spirit: Play us something we don’t know. Show us what you’re all about.  We want to give you the freedom to experiment at Low Ton.

Who are the people you profiled in this shoot and what do they do? How do they showcase the Low Ton values? 

Cache One and Sal are the Low Ton parents, we organise the parties. C.Frim is our DJ prodigy and close friend. We have been mentoring her and watching her blossom into one of the best DJs in Melbourne in under a year. Hvncoq, our dear brother is an MC and DJ who often blesses our line-ups, and Maia Pookie is our amazing set designer who  brings us to her planet by decorating all our parties.

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Photography by Wilhelm Philipp.






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